Tips for Renting a Storage Unit in Chilliwack

Are you thinking about renting a storage unit? Maybe you don’t have enough living space in your house or file space in your office. Maybe your moving away for a while, or moving into the Chilliwack area. Maybe you need space for your business products or equipment. Whatever the reason for storage there are some things you might want to think about when it comes renting storage units.

Below are a few tips and steps to help you make an educated decision when it comes to renting a self storage unit.

Step 1.

The first step is to determine what you are going to be storing. If you dont know what you are going to be storing, it then becomes very difficult for you decide what size (see step 2) and what amenities (see step 3) you are going to need.

Step 2.

Determine exactly what size you will need. There are various ways to determine this, including online tools that show how much storage space different size homes typically need during a move. Storage unit sizes can range from small storage lockers up to 8 × 40 ft shipping containers. Decide how much space you are going to need and start searching for facilities in Chilliwack with that size available.

Step 3.

Think about what features are important to you. Different facilities have different amenities: climate-controlled units, security cameras, gates w/ access codes, online capabilities, multiple stories, elevators. Consider the benefits and drawbacks of these features when determining which unit to rent.

Step 4.

Think about when you are going to need the unit to be available. Often facilities will have the size unit you are looking for, but it could possibly not be available the time that you need it. Try to plan ahead and make sure that your unit is available when you will need it. Progress Storage allows you to reserve units in advance.

Step 5.

Is the facility easy to deal with? Do you get the owner’s home office and cell phones like at Progress Storage? Did you know Progress Storage allows you to reserve, rent and release units online, pay your account online, and set up recurring billing to automate your life? Not having to remember to pay your storage account is a good way to have one less thing to do each month.

Step 6.

Keep your eye open for discounts. Often facilities will offer special discounts for prepaying storage, or just for special times of the year. Sometimes asking a quick question about any discounts will save you money in the long run.

Step 7.

Moving into the actual unit. This may be on the same day your rent your unit or not. Depending on how much stuff you plan on storing, this could be an entire days worth of work. Does your unit have easy drive up access (like Progress Storage offers) or will you need to haul your stuff down a hallway and up an elevator?

Step 8.

Do not to forget about your unit or move out without telling the storage facility. If you don’t advise when you are exiting storage the billing continues. Also, don’t abandon your unit. Ever watch Storage Wars? People sometimes leave some pretty valuable stuff in their units.

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