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Progress Storage offers a range of parking and storage services in Chilliwack, British Columbia.

storage in ChilliwackSelf Storage in Chilliwack  (Steel Shipping Container based storage on our site, you lock your space)

storage in ChilliwackRV Parking in Chilliwack (or cars, utility trailers, smaller commercial vehicles etc)

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Explore the links or the tabs above for more details on specific space and services, or just call us at 1 (855) 649-9857 to discuss your storage needs. We offer space for your vehicle or general storage needs in Chilliwack.

In the News, Events and Resources area were we post information of interest to RVers, outdoor enthusiasts, visitors to the Fraser Valley, and general interest information.

If you are from elsewhere in the Vancouver, Fraser Valley or Lower Mainland and thinking about storing your RV closer to your favorite camping grounds, Progress Storage for RV’s in Chilliwack might just be your answer.  Here is a little sample of what Chilliwack has to offer.

Our clients park and store trailers, store motor homes, place campers in storage, rent storage containers and park vehicles at Progress Storage in Chilliwack.